Red, White [and Blue] Sauce

This week at CVS there are big discounts!

They have a whole bunch of stuff you can buy in a category, where if you spend $30 or more, you get $10 Extra Bucks to use in the future at CVS.

Many of these items have manufacturer’s coupons. The combination makes my mouth water.

For example, Frank’s hot sauce is in the category and has $0.75 coupons.

So let’s say you buy twenty bottles of Frank’s hot sauce (12 oz, normally $3.79) on sale for $1.50 each = $30 , you get $10 Extra Bucks, making the price effectively $20. Now you can use twenty $.75 coupons = $15 to bring the price down to $5.

Now, once a month, I also get a $5 off coupon from CVS if I spend $25 or more on anything. So that means twenty bottles of hot sauce for…!

For free!!!! If it’s for free, it’s for me!

Don’t judge me; I need hot sauce. I put that stuff on everything!


Feeling self-conscious about dumping twenty-one coupons on the counter, watching the cashier scan each one, and then walking out with an entire case of hot sauce for free while she stares at you in utter disbelief? This is why self-checkout is amazing.

Alas, at this store they don’t have self-checkout, but they all know me here anyway.


Remember, the extra bucks and $5 off are only if you have a CVS card. There are multiple items in that category that have good deals, but you can only work this magic once per card.

So, I took my wife’s card to another CVS because I needed mayonnaise, too.

Hellman’s mayonnaise was in the category. You can buy ten 30 oz. (normally $6.49) jars at $2.99 bringing you to $29.90, and you still get the $10 anyway, bringing you to $19.90. Now take off ten $.75 manufacturer coupons, and the $5 CVS coupon and that brings you to $7.40 for ten jars of Hellman’s mayonnaise!


Wow! Let’s break down the savings. Retail price for twenty bottles of Frank’s hot sauce and ten jars of Hellman’s mayonnaise is $140.70.

What did I pay again? Oh ya, $7.40!!!!!!!! That’s 95% off! That’s a lotta sauce!

Let’s have a party! – I’ll bring the condiments.



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