Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire, Give Me That Which I Desire

Not only did I get good buys this week, I racked in the gas points as well.

If I have not yet mentioned, when you use your Stop & Shop card, you are able to accumulate points for big discounts on Shell gas. For every 100 points, you get $.10 off a gallon of gas. The maximum you can get is $1.50 off a gal of gas up to 20 gallons, and you must use the points within 30 days or you lose them.

The key is to accumulate the maximum points, wait until your needle is right below E, fill your car with as much cheap gas as possible, rinse wash repeat.


There are many ways to accumulate points quickly.  The weekly ad usually shows groupings of $.30, $.40, or $.50 off a gallon of gas if you buy 4-6 items in those categories.

For example, last week I bought six Blue Bunny ice creams, six Gold Honest tea, and six boxes of Life cereal.  At $.40 off a gallon for six of each of these items, I accumulated $1.20 off a gallon of gas.

Klondike and Breyers Ice Cream were also on sale last week. Buy a total of six (mix and match) for $15, get $5 off. Now, on Stop & Shop’s website you can load digital coupons onto your card, and I had loaded $1 off Klondike bars and $1.50 off Breyers ice cream to my card. I also had a $1 off Breyers coupon and a 50 gas point bonus coupon that I received in the mail that I can apply if I purchase Breyers ice cream. So, I got three Klondikes and three Breyers’ for $15 – $5 – $1 – $1.50 – $1= $6.50 and I got 50 gas points.

I also bought a bunch of other things that I needed at the store, which brought my total above $60, triggering another digital coupon I had loaded which gave me another 250 gas points.


So what’s with all the points?

At the end of the day, I maxed out my point totals.  I got 1200 points for the category buying, got an additional 50 for the Klondike bars and a 250-point bonus for spending $60. Total points received 1,500 = $1.50 off a gallon of gas.

I filled up my car (and an extra gas canister 😉) with the 20 gallon limit and felt like I hit a home run, saving $30.00 on gas!

So I spent a [heavily] discounted $60 on groceries and got back $30 in gas. Now that’s a deal magical enough for a wizard!