Family Vacation

Last week I went on a three day vacation with my family.


The first stop and first bargain of the trip was in Ocean City, N.J. We wanted to go jet skiing and parasailing. Normally, jet skiing is $60 each for a half hour and parasailing is $80 each. I figured out that the jet skiing and parasailing places were next door to each other and asked if there was some kind of combination ticket I could get. There was! I bought four combination tickets for jet skiing and parasailing at $90 each for a total of $360. A savings of $200!


As I entered Ocean City, I made sure to stop at the Welcome Center to check out the tons of coupons that they have, such as buy one get one free coupons to multiple items and stores on the boardwalk.  We took advantage of the free video game coupon at Jilly’s arcade, which was a lot of fun.


We weren’t sure what to do at night. There was a show in Ocean City and a show at Tropicana in Atlantic City, but they both were pricy and carried a heavy service charge.

Why am I paying a service charge?  I’m already paying an entrance fee! Not interested.


So, what did we do? We went to Borgata in Atlantic City.  They had a comedy show that would have cost me $20 plus fees. Did I pay that?  NO! I got in for free because my sons played at the casino (probably lost) which entitled them to free tickets.  By the way, the show was great.


The next day we went to Cape May to do Dolphin watching on a two-hour boat ride. The price was $30 per adult. Did I pay that?  NO!!  Instead of paying $120, there was a Groupon for $27. Did I pay   $27? No, I didn’t. I waited for Groupon to have a 20% off sale. That’s $21.60. But wait, I bought it through Ebates and saved another 6%. I paid $20.30 for four tickets. A savings of $99.70.


Our last day we spent in Atlantic City. We started with our usual breakfast of muffins, danishes, bagels, English muffins, waffles, OJ, coffee and hot and or cold cereal.  All free included with our Clarion room stay.


The afternoon was hot in Atlantic city, but the free airshow was a delight.


When I got home I noticed this week’s Shop and Stop circular.  They are selling Cheerios cereal for $2.49 a box but if you buy five you save a dollar on each. But wait, find a manufacturer’s $.50 off coupon for Cheerios that S&S doubles, and you just hit a home run.  $2.49-$1.00-$.5-$.5 = $.49 for each box.  Not only is that a bargain but the $.50 off per gallon of gas is also a nice windfall.

If you buy five Blue Bunny ice creams at two for $7 and get the $.75 off coupon that they double, the total cost is $10. The savings on gas alone is $.50 per gallon x 20 gallons = $10 — it’s a no-brainer!  That’s how you save big time.

Eric the Cheapskate, signing off.


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