Getting Paid to Shop

I couldn’t wait to tell you all of my bargains for last week.  You will be on the edge of your seat as well.
First,  I had a raincheck for Cheerios at Stop & Shop. Now for my regular followers, you know that I have way too many boxes of Cheerios at this point. But this was a deal I could not pass up.
Regular price is $4.49 a box.  Of course I would NEVER pay that.
I had a raincheck for $2.49 from the last time it was on sale, but if I bought 5 that lowered the price to $1.49 each.
I bought 10.
The total would’ve been $14.90, but I had my $.50 coupons that double X 10.  I paid $4.90!!!
BUT WAIT, Stop & Shop this week has a sale on Cheerios, buy 3 and get free $4.00 off milk.  I bought 10 boxes.  You guessed it- I got 3 free gallons of milk.
Let’s see… I paid $4.90 for 10 boxes of Cheerios & 3 gallons of milk.  Total retail value of these items is $56.90.
Next, when you buy 2 Pepcid AC you get a $13 value toward a movie ticket.  If the cost of the movie is less than $13, the movie is free.
There is a coupon online for Pepcid AC for $1.00 off. If you buy 2 of them for $6 each minus the $2 you would then pay $10.
Bottom line, you are making $3 on the deal.
I saved the best for last.
Last week at Kohl’s small appliances were on sale for $16.99, $4.99 after a rebate.
But I can do a lot better.
You can buy up to 40 appliances (5 of each of the 8 appliances that were on sale). I bought 7 appliances for $118.93.
I then took off 15%(code is on Dan’sDeals), making the price $101.09.
Since I purchase it on through E-bates, I got an additional 3% off , making the price $98.05.
You also get $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent plus an additional $5 off for every $100 spent. That brings the price down to $73.05.
I hope you are still following because it gets much better.
The rebate is $12 per item, that brings down the total cost to -$10.94. tax is $8.72.  The total cost with tax is -$2.22 for 7 items.
Of course, I made sure to use my Chase Freedom card which has 5% back on department stores this quarter. 5% on the $101.09 gives me another $5.07 off, bringing my effective total to -$7.27.
That’s the Eric the Cheapskate way of buying.

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